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8 myths that are making your marketing unsuccessful

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We have come across many businesses that turn a blind eye to (or just downright hate the term) marketing – often because they have spent large amounts of money and either haven’t seen results from previous efforts or they don’t know what success looks like.

This is probably because most marketing is, actually, unsuccessful. And mostly, it’s down to some marketing myths that paralyse marketing success.

So, how do I make my marketing successful? You and your business need to shake off these myths ASAP. 

1. Advertising is marketing

If you still think this, you really, really need to rethink your view of marketing.

However, whilst most people would know they are not the same, when thinking about marketing, and strategy, they find it difficult to separate the two.

There is SO much more to marketing than advertising; be creative – find other ways to get in front of your target customers.

2. The marketing department are responsible for marketing

I can hear your eyes rolling. Well, of course, the marketing department is responsible for marketing. BUT so is every other person in the business.

Don’t blame your marketing department when it is your operations team that is creating customer dissatisfaction. Look at your business as a whole and make sure that you are completely customer-focused; after all, without customers your business would not exist.

3. Something is better than nothing, right?

Wrong! Marketing can be really expensive. You wouldn’t just throw your money out the window, so why would you pay for marketing activities that aren’t well planned, strategic and will provide the expected ROI.

Any marketing expenditure should be carefully budgeted for and be a part of the overall strategic marketing mix that is set to achieve your objectives.

4. Marketing is a cost to the business

Ok, this one sounds a little misleading.

Of course, marketing can be a cost to your business, BUT think about the returns on your investment when it is done right.

So much marketing activity is poorly planned, misaligned from your business objectives, reactive and unmeasured. This makes it a complete waste of company resources.

Done right, however, marketing can bring you hugely successful returns and help you truly meet your objectives.

5. There is no way to measure marketing success

Ok, well this is just annoying.

All marketing can and should be measured against your objectives. If not, how on earth would you know if it is successful or not?

Never undertake any marketing without the knowledge of how you intend to measure it.

6. A website is all I need

Websites are great as an online shop window, and many businesses trade predominantly, if not exclusively, through their websites.

But how do customers come to be on their website?

If your website is your key tool for doing business, you really need to build this into your marketing objectives and develop a plan to achieve this.

7. A great product sells itself

Of course, a good product is vital – but not if no one knows about it! Don’t sit on your laurels and wait for customers to flood in. You need to create a value proposition that invokes the buyer to buy. What problem are you solving for them?

Create a strategic plan, communicate often and market your product.

8. My brand will evolve as my business grows

On the whole, most people underestimate the first impression.

In business, your brand and message is a direct representation of you and your business and let me tell you, it needs to be on point from the outset.

The human attention span is decreasing by the second, reportedly we now consume over 5,000 adverts per day and to cut through this noise – your brand needs to stick out from the get go.

Our unfaltering mantra: review, plan, strategy, deliver, support; will help you develop a solid, strategic and measurable marketing plan to reach your goals. 

Don’t fall foul to these marketing myths; come to MAMA!

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