Pizza Potholes: A Slice of Guerilla Genius

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Guerilla Marketing is all about the unexpected.

To many, the term ‘guerilla’ denotes conflict or rebellion. Coupled with marketing, however, it is not some sort of combative form of communication; as this would be disruptive and violate the nature of inbound marketing methods.

In fact, an attempt to try and define guerilla marketing would likely trump most efforts; after all, the very nature of this form of communication is undefined, new & unconventional.

The best way to get to grips with guerilla marketing is through observation. Lucky for us, Domino’s Pizza is hitting headlines with their latest campaign to demonstrate.


Paving For Pizza

In short, Domino’s are working with local authorities in America to fund the filling of potholes in their scheme, Paving For Pizza.

Domino’s mission?

“Potholes, cracks, and bumps in the road can cause irreversible damage to your pizza during the drive home from Domino’s. We can’t stand by and let your cheese slide to one side, your toppings get un-topped, or your boxes get flipped. So we’re helping to pave in towns across [America] to save your good pizza from these bad roads”.


This quest has seen Domino’s sitting high up in the headlines, across America & Worldwide.

Domino’s efforts to protect your pizza are not new. The pizza company tried a similar campaign last year where they provided carry-out insurance; if something happens to your pizza after you leave the store, you can bring it back and get a new one.


What makes this guerilla campaign successful?

The lack of definition for guerilla marketing means determining a formula for success is virtually impossible; especially given its very nature to be unconventional and unexpected.

Domino’s success, we would suggest is down to the perfect combination of a variety factors:

(disclaimer: this combination does not guarantee success)

  1. A legitimate concern of the public (potholes): This concern is something everyone can relate to in America. What makes it even smarter is it is not a particularly controversial topic that might polarise audiences; it is a problem with a seemingly simple solution, fill them in.  
  2. A humourous accompanying message: By putting a spin on their campaign by avoiding the obvious ‘we’re filling potholes because we care about you’, they care about their pizza’s and want to ensure the customer gets the best experience. They have encapsulated their product and it’s protection and spun it back around to user experience in a humourous fashion.
  3. A call to action (nominate your town): The first two are a winning combination on their own, but Domino’s have hit the jackpot by adding an element of user participation, allowing customers to ‘nominate their town’ to be a part of the scheme.
  4. A huge budget: None of this would be possible without a whopping marketing budget and it would be careless if we didn’t acknowledge this.


Can I do the same?

Simply put, no you can’t.

Domino’s have done it. Guerilla marketing is all about opportunity, irregularity and pioneering marketing. Therefore, any successful guerilla campaign needs to be the first of its kind; at the very least it must be new in the market, area and for the audience you are communicating with.

You can’t teach guerilla marketing tactics, but you can do the following to maximise your idea generation (you never know what you might stumble upon!):

  • Allocate time to thinking & idea generation.
  • Always develop ideas to their full extent.
  • Follow thought & discussion trails to their very end.
  • Go off on tangents in idea generation meetings.

Remember to always focus on your target market when considering your ideas. Will they engage? Will they care? You don’t have to solve or help to solve a national issue to reach your audience, but you might find something that your customers really care about that end up being your version of the ‘Paving for Pizza’ campaign.

At MAMA Marketing, not only do we love coming up with & exploring unusual and new ideas, we also host meetings with clients to generate exciting and unique campaigns suitable for their business.

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