Facebook Ads and Visitor Attractions: A Match-Made in Heaven?

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It’s not a secret, so why doesn’t everyone in the visitor attraction industry do it? With big returns and great exposure, Facebook Ads is a must for Visitor Attractions. According to MAMA’s research, only 20% of Visitor Attractions use Facebook’s Advertising platform. 

If you’re part of the 80% that doesn’t, you’re missing a trick. 


What are Facebook Ads?

Most people can’t tell the difference between posts, boosted posts and hardcore ad campaigns. So what are the major differences? 

You probably know what Facebook posts are. They are entry-level posts that go out to your follower’s on their news feeds. They’ve been getting less effective over the last few years but still play an important part in your marketing strategy. 

Boosted posts are when Facebook shows these posts to more people in exchange for money. People often confuse these with more complex Facebook Ads campaigns. 

Targeted ads can be sponsored posts in news feeds,  between videos, on sidebars and even in apps! They have a much more detailed targeting system and in the right hands, are a gold mine, especially to the visitor attraction industry. 

Why are Facebook Ads so Great?

Facebook’s Ad platform is super powerful for any industry. But here are 3 reasons Facebook Ads are so great for yours: 

  1. Targeting the Right Customers 
  2. Experience Led Content Wins
  3. Optimising = Success

Let’s take a look at how these play out: 

Targeting the Right Customers: 

There’s no point putting effort into customers that aren’t interested. With Facebook’s targeting options you can focus on the ones who will boost your revenue figures. 

Most of the Visitor Attractions know exactly who their customers are. They know where they are, what they like and how they communicate. Armed with this information, Facebook Advertisers are guaranteed to get your message in front of the right people. 

Not sure which customer group is best to target? Luckily Facebook collects data on your customers daily. Combined with data from your website, you can let the machines do the hard work and find your customers for you. 

Experience Led Content Wins: 

Facebook and it’s users LOVE content that showcase experiences, and what better experience than your Visitor Attraction? 

Facebook loves its business profiles to use authentic content. In fact Facebook likes it so much, it actively rewards people by showing their content to more people for a lower price! 

With the right content, you can ensure an engaging and successful Facebook Advertising campaign, all with the help of the Facebook algorithm.

Optimisation = Success: 

Unlike lots of other advertising campaigns, you can make adjustments to Facebook Ads in real time. If you’re running multiple ads and you notice that one is working a lot better than the rest, you can push more of your budget to that ad. 

By treating your Facebook Ads as an on-going activity, you can alter your ads so they’re always performing at their best. Optimisation can be the difference between 50 and 500 bookings! 

What Results Can I Expect?

Facebook Ads sound great, but let’s get down to the real question. What level of return can you expect?

The truth is, it varies by industry, but we haven’t met a Visitor Attraction that hasn’t worked well with Facebook Ads yet.  

Our recent  ‘Superhero Half-Term’ Facebook Advertising campaign for Flip Out UK. The campaign generated an additional £96875 in revenue, with an average ROI of 36.1x. 

Over the last 6 months, MAMA has generated over 6 million impressions, £380,000 revenue and over 8000 bookings. This is a return of £16 for every £1 we’ve spent! 

You can find our more about the ‘Superhero Half-Term’ campaign here.


What’s the Catch? 

Facebook Ads aren’t easy and require skilled management. Your average marketing manager likely has little bit of understanding, but to get incredible results you need a deep knowledge of the platform. 

This doesn’t mean you can’t do it! We’ve met owners of Visitor Attractions that have put hundreds of hours into learning Facebook Ads and get great results. There are tons of great training programmes out there. 

If you haven’t got time to learn but still want a seat at the table, MAMA are experts at running Facebook Ads for Visitor Attractions. Book  a discovery call and find out how powerful Facebook Ads could be for you. 

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