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Make Culture a Competitive Advantage in your Marketing

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We have already touched on culture in a previous blog, but we think it is an area that is often forgotten about in marketing.

Corporate culture makes a direct impact on all significant company operations, including marketing. So, of course, the business’ culture will impact it’s marketing strategy and its effective execution.

Don’t leave it to HR or Internal Communications departments – culture, marketing and business success are intrinsic to each other and are defined by the having the right value system in the business.

What is culture?

To really understand how organisational culture can be a competitive advantage, we must understand what it means.

In this article, when we talk about culture, we mean the structure, leadership style, underlying assumptions, norms, expectations, collective stories and memories. On the whole, the issues that are typically taken for granted by those who exist within the culture.

Start Ups cannot ignore the issue of culture. Culture is very hard to change so it is imperative we get it right from the outset and that as recruitment takes place the values, attitudes and identity of the business is passed on and embraced by new staff.

Why is culture important?

Culture largely determines how your business acts and operates.

If the culture lacks integrity, commitment or passion you are likely to have more unhappy customers.

With an empowering culture, your colleagues will deliver your product or service with commitment, thoughtfulness and passion. This will achieve the ultimate goal for most marketers – a satisfied customer.

How to create culture that gives you a competitive advantage

Culture can be measured. Does your business have a collaborative or hierarchical approach? Do you have a competitive market-focussed culture? Is your primary goal innovation?

Each culture has it’s own merits and each business must consider how their culture currently helps or hinders progress.

However, building the right culture starts with effective leadership. Changing it requires exceptional leadership.

The includes vision, a clear sense of direction and effective communication.

With this skill; enthused employees will aim to reach the common goal and feel a personal sense of achievement for doing so.

Without effective leadership, disengaged employees will shoot in the dark and head off on different paths, confusing customers and themselves.

Accountability leads to results. Provide your team with vision, direction and show them what part they play.

Strong values instilled in the company breeds action, accountability and therefore, results.

Use your culture to create a team that deals with your customers with passion, commitment and care and ultimately you will have a competitive advantage over many other businesses – you will have satisfied customers.

The interesting thing about culture is that it creates your values and your values further your culture.

Unlike other marketing support teams, at MAMA Marketing we consider the internal culture of your business as an intrinsic part of marketing success.

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