Why DIY Marketing Really Isn’t The Best Idea

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“Do it yourself” or DIY works brilliantly when you’re painting your living room, fixing the shed roof, or deploying some of the smaller, less technical action items on your marketing plan. But at some point, DIY makes poor marketing sense.

It simply boils down to opportunity cost – your time is best spent on activities that push your company forward, not keep you from getting to where you know you should be.

Startup founders typically reach this conclusion at different stages in their development and for different projects. Some outsource to numerous vendors for specific responsibilities from day one. Others gradually realise they want to outsource entire marketing positions.


Why is DIY Marketing A Bad Idea?


Nothing Compares To Knowledge & Experience


While you might feel savvy after reading a couple marketing books or listening to a savvy marketing “guru”, it doesn’t compare to working with a qualified team with great experience and a proven track record. You simply don’t know what you don’t know, and if you do it yourself, what you don’t know can hurt you.

This could show itself in any area: lack of brand consistency; pouring money into the wrong advertising opportunities; not fully understanding your target audience and how to reach them effectively; poor design giving you an unprofessional presence. The list goes on. And it all works against you.


Objectivity & A Fresh Perspective


Passionate business owners tend to be absorbed by their business. This may seem like an advantage when it comes to DIY marketing. But it’s not. Effective marketing starts with an unbiased and fresh perspective. To be successful at marketing, business blemishes must be seen clearly. As a business owner you just don’t have that objectivity.


DIY Doesn’t Really Save You Money


Because you’re not spending money on outside resources you might think you’re saving tons of money with a DIY approach. This is the wrong way to look at it.

Marketing is so often considered a cost that can be swallowed by internal resources, but marketing is actually all about what you get back from your expenditure.

Great marketing will get you back more, and sometimes significantly more, than what you spend. So, how do you get great marketing? You find and engage great marketing people.

You also have to factor in what your time is worth. It’s not cheap.

If you kept track of every minute you spent trying to do it yourself and applied a financial value to that, you’d be surprised at the expense. Every expensive minute you spend fumbling with something you don’t know how to do well is taking away valuable time and talent from something you do know how to do well. That’s another expense.


The most common DIY Marketing you should DEFINITELY avoid

Digital Advertising

You could spend a few weeks learning how to expertly navigate AdWords, Facebook Ads, and the rest and follow up with a robust ad-buying campaign. Unfortunately, you’d probably lose a considerable amount during your time learning on the fly.


Content Creation (Graphic Design, Video Production & Photography)

Do you want your business to give the best impression it can? Don’t rely on limited skills, equipment, your iPhone and free design tools to create your content.

Investing in a partner that understands design, content capture or creation will allow you to stand out from the saturated crowd your business operates in.


Website Design

You may feel like all the information and options are available online to create a website. Or you might even fall foul to some of the quick fix website builders available through platforms such as Google, Wix or Squarespace.

Building an enticing, effective, manageable website requires expertise that would set you back months or longer if you chose to do-it-yourself.


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